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Tokyo - Employ qualified executives for your Japanese business via professional business consulting services, including interviewing, with our executive recruiter in Tokyo.

Global Consulting's owner, Michael Benton, originally from Seattle, graduated from the Unverisity of Southern California with degrees in Business Administration and International Relations. After a few years in banking he moved to Japan and has primarily lived and worked there to learn the Japanese cultural, language and business world. Michael and his search consultants have interviewed thousands of Japanese people from President/Country Manager, director level, manager level and non managers for IT (majority) and non IT  positions throughout Japan and have met with  them to develop a personal relationship. Japanese workers are normally not very mobile and will generally stay at one company for many years; in person meetings are essential to secure the qualified talent in Japan. Quality Japanese workers desire and focus on a position that creates a job challenge, high income potential, and beneficial human relationships. Contact us for more information.

Our Services Include:

  • Service Initiation–Discuss Your Needs 
    • Seek Information About Position, Role, & Responsibilities
    • Skill Requirements & Your Company's Culture & Work Dynamics
  • Network & Database Search–Find Acceptable Candidates
    • Correct Skills to Meet Your Requirements
    • We have key contacts to match open req to qualified candidate
  • Screening–Complete Resume Screening
    • Identify Candidates Appropriate for Interviewing
  • Interviewing–Completed in Person
    • Screening & Adhere to Client Confidentiality
  • Reference & Documentation Checks–Verify Candidate
    • Obtain references from past and/or present company associates
  • Assessment Overviews–Provide a Summary of Recommended Candidates
    • Includes Overview of Background, Skills, Attributes, & Suitability
    • Rank Candidates by Most-Suited for Your Consideration

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Global Consulting
Tokyo/Palm Springs
Ebisu Prime Square
Hiroo, Shibuyu-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
Phone: 050 5809 9633 (outside Japan 81 50 5809 9633)

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Michael Benton
President / IT Executive Search Consultant
Global Consulting
Tokyo/Palm Springs
Ebisu Prime Square
Hiroo, Shibuyu-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012
Phone: 050 5809 9633 (outside Japan 81 50 5809 9633)