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We run an in-depth interview process to determine a Japanese candidate's potential success and interest. Over 95% of the people we place with a client stay longer than the trial period. We focus on A-type people, whom are currently receiving good working conditions and will consider a change only if they think it makes sense. Contact us for more information.

Japanese characters - Employ qualified executives for your Japanese business via professional business consulting services, including interviewing, with our executive recruiter in Tokyo.

Your Candidates Are Rigorously Tested

  • We continually update our database of quality talent.
  • We focus on the key positions which can determine a company's success in the Japanese marketplace.



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Global Consulting
Ebisu Prime Square
Hiroo, Shibuyu-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
Cell: 090-5583-2574 (outside Japan 81-90-5583-2574)
Tel/Fax: 03-4496-4172 (outside Japan 81-3-4496-4172)

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Michael Benton
President / IT Executive Search Consultant
Global Consulting
Ebisu Prime Square
Hiroo, Shibuyu-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012
Cell: 090-5583-2574 (outside Japan 81-90-5583-2574)
Phone: 03-4496-4172 (outside Japan 81-3-4496-4172)
Fax: 03-4496-4172 (outside Japan 81-3-4496-4172)